WALK-IN BOXES: We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of all of your options.

Floral Boxes Convenience Stores Processing Plants Wine Rooms Restaurants Bakeries Scientific/Pharmaceutical

Whatever your space looks like, we can make a walk-in that fits perfectly.

Refrigeration is an exacting science that demands precision and experience. Whatever the space, ABCO’s applications engineers can help you customize a walk-in that’s perfectly suited for your customer’s needs—from floral boxes to processing plants.

WALK-IN BOXES: The richest portfolio of In-Stock walk-in coolers, freezers, and plug doors.

We also have a full range of walk-in coolers, freezers, and replacement doors in stock for immediate delivery.

  • Quick-ship walk-ins
  • Custom walk-ins
  • Walk-ins with glass doors
  • Warehouse panels with “quick-snap” design for easy and fast installation

Stock Box Standard Features:

  • 4” AK-XPS™ Hi-Performance Panel Core Insulation
  • Acrylic Coated Galvalume Stucco Metal Finish Interior and Exterior
  • 36”x 76” Door w/Door Closer, Thermometer, Spring-Loaded Bottom Hinge, Vapor-Proof Light Fixture & Switch

Whatever your space looks like, we can provide the perfect fit.

Exercise your stock options now. ABCO gives you an expanded selection of In-Stock Tafco Walk-Ins. Made with the finest materials and workmanship in the industry, your customer is sure to be satisfied with the return on investment.

With hundreds of configurations for the ultimate in design flexibility, Tafco Walk-In Boxes are easy to assemble, relocate or expand. For special order larger sizes your ABCO team can get you the cooler or freezer you need faster than ever before with Tafco’s Quick Ship Option.

  • Coolers (On Screed or w/ Optional Stainless Steel Floors)
  • Freezers (Standard w/ Stainless Steel Floors)
  • 34” x 77” Entry Door with Closer, PRV & Vapor Proof Light Fixture
  • Weiss 24DT Digital Light Switch/Temperature Display
  • 26Ga Embossed Acrylic-coated Galvalume Interior/Exterior Finish
  • 4” Foamed-in-place Urethane (100% CFC and HCFC Free)
  • 20-Year Rust-Through Warranty on Galvalume Metal Skins
  • 10-Year Panel Warranty

Affordable, and made to fit your square feet like a glove.

CrownTonka. Think special configurations and extreme customization. Replacement parts are easily accessible.

Metl Span is reknowned for the largest refrigeration projects known to man. They can build continuous panels and deliver insulated metal panels for commercial, industrial and cold storage buildings. Metl-Span’s insulated composite building panels provide the most efficient insulation values available.