DAIKIN ATMOSPHERA: Two of New York’s First R-32 Installs

ABCO HVACR Supply + SolutionsDaikin Comfort Technologies, Scarpelli Mechanical and DKT HVAC have teamed up to install the first two Daikin ATMOSPHERA units with R-32 refrigerant in the state of New York. With recent regulatory changes that now allow for units with R-32 refrigerant to be installed in the state of New York, ABCO and Daikin are leading the industry with the switch to the next generation of refrigerants that have a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than R-410A. Proven and reliable, R-32 is the A2L refrigerant that’s widely used around the world today, with over 160 million R-32 units made by over 40 manufacturers and installed in more than 90 countries.

In Commack, NY, Scarpelli Mechanical installed one of the first Daikin Atmosphera units with R-32 in New York State. The Daikin ATMOSPHERA Single-Zone System is ideal for spot cooling and heating needs in residential and commercial spaces that require heating and cooling, even in extreme ambient temperatures, as it can reach up to 100% heating capacity at 5°F. In addition, Daikin ATMOSPHERA is an effective source of heat to offset old, inefficient furnaces or boiler systems and aligns with decarbonization and electrification goals.

[Pictured above, from left to right: Pedro Burgos, John Scarpelli, Jr., and Eric Osario of Scarpelli Mechanical]

“The R-32 refrigerant is more efficient than 410A,” explains John Scarpelli, Jr. of Scarpelli Mechanical. “One of the major advantages of the R-32 refrigerant is that it has no impact on the ozone layer.”

“ABCO and Daikin partnered with Scarpelli Mechanical to install its first Daikin Atmosphera unit with R-32 in New York because of owner John Scarpelli, Sr.’s workmanship and values are what has kept him in business for over 25 years,” said ABCO Strategic Account Manager, Gina Riviezzo. “Scarpelli Mechanical has been with Daikin and ABCO since the beginning and we value their partnership.”

[Pictured above, from left to right: Greg and Felix from DKT HVAC]

The installation of the first Daikin Atmosphera unit with R-32 in New York City took place in Rockaway Park, NY by DKT HVAC. “Choosing Greg Grosseto, owner of DKT HVAC, to be one of the first contractors to install a Daikin Atmosphera unit with R-32 was a no brainer for ABCO,” noted ABCO Strategic Account, Manager Faustino Mazzei. “Greg and the team at DKT HVAC have extensive knowledge about Daikin RAQA equipment and can provide homeowners of Queens, NY solutions using the diverse product offerings that Daikin has available in the market.”

DKT HVAC operates out of Rockaway Beach, NY and provides HVAC service and installations in the five boroughs and Long Island. “I’m proud to be one of the first Contractors to install this new Daikin R-32 equipment,” said Greg Grosseto, owner of DKT HVAC. “I believe introducing Daikin R-32 units in the [New York City] area is significant because it’s important to stay ahead of the competition and be up-to-date with the latest upgrades in the industry.”

When talking about the benefits of Daikin Atmosphera units with R-32, Greg Grosseto further explained, “Some of the advantages of using a Daikin Atmosphera unit with R-32 refrigerant are that the equipment dehumidifies efficiently in low cooling modes and continues the dehumidification effect after the desired temperature is reached, making for cleaner and healthier air distribution with less mold build up on the unit. The equipment also operates at a higher efficiency with the potential to keep energy bills down. A few of the things that I like most about the Daikin Atmosphera unit with R-32 are its capabilities of handling longer pipe runs because the pre-charge pipe length is longer than it is in most other systems. Another great feature is the ambient low temperature operating capability, which makes it an easy choice when installing a mini-split system as a primary heating source. Lastly, the built in Wi-Fi capability is a nice addition. I’m looking forward to the many advantages that the Daikin Atmosphera unit with R-32 will offer our customers in the future.”

ABCO and Daikin are looking forward to more states passing regulations soon that will allow for more ATMOSPHERA units with R-32 refrigerant in the markets that we serve.