Power up at ABCO EXPO 2017 on Wednesday, March 8th.

Everyone at ABCO is dedicated to sharing our knowledge, information and experience with you, our irreplaceable customers. Sales Account Managers, Applications Specialists, our AER Team and experts from all of ABCO’s 18 locations will be on hand to help you stay on top of our rapidly evolving industry. John Androski, ABCO Senior Vice President of Residential HVAC, had this insight about the show:

  • There’s nothing like this for establishing relationships and doing business.
  • It’s extremely powerful and personal.
  • You have to be there to experience it for yourself because nobody delivers this experience better than ABCO.


ABCO proudly announces the most exciting, new product launch ever initiated by ABCO and Luxaire. Be part of our most rewarding sales, support and dealer success programs ever for this advanced equipment.

  • Designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Performance tested and proven in the harshest environments
  • Choice of Tube & fin and improved alloy microchannel
  • Technical & warranty support for new or legacy models
  • Available UV light and air-filtration technology
  • The Energy Star Most Efficient Rating for lowest cost of operation
  • SilentDrive™ and Geo Track™ technologies
  • Smartphone and Wi-Fi® capable
  • Smaller footprint
  • New swing-away control box makes for easier access, service and installation

“Connectivity without the complexity. The new T Series thermostats from Honeywell.”

ABCO now carries the latest innovation in whole home comfort control from Honeywell: the T Series. Reliable, easy to install and adaptable to any floor plan, homeowners will enjoy the ultimate in energy monitoring, comfort, and savings.

Features UWP Mounting System. Designed for easy installation and replacement. Each T series thermostat has a common mounting plate, so replacing units is done by installing a new cover plate–which is fast and easy to do.

No screws. No caulk. Installation is faster. Technicians can install the mounting plate with a simplified wiring system. This includes simple push tab terminals for wiring and a hinged door to prevent drafts. Honeywell has eliminated the need for screws and caulking.

Features WiFi connectivity customers demand. T Series thermostats offer additional connectivity options for heating and ventilation control. They work on the Honeywell Lyric wifi connection platforms
and link to other connected products in customer homes controlled by a single App.

Added customer convenience. T Series thermostats feature intuitive touchscreen technology, backlit screens, and easy to program guides. Plus seamless integration to existing wifi systems. And the advantages of energy savings, and applicable utility rebates.

“Celebrating 23 Years of Friendship, Teamwork & Community.”

Korean Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Association of New York (KARA). Since its conception in 1994, ABCO has been KARA’s main supplier of HVAC/R equipment, and a primary resource for KARA members for technological information.

KARA is a group of Korean-American HVAC/R contractors that work together to share and promote knowledge and industry expertise. This association also creates a valuable business network for its members and is a vital part of the community.

On January 20th, their annual celebration was once again held at the magnificent Kum Gang San Manor in Flushing, NY. Over 250 members and friends from the close-knit community of KARA attended the event, including more than 50 people from ABCO. As always, everyone enjoyed the delicious traditional Korean foods, generous drinks, singing, dancing and legendary raffle where 5 ABCO team members won big screen TV’s!

William Kim, owner of Spring Air HVAC Inc. gave a warm opening speech and was followed by another inspiring speech from KARA President Duk B. Lee, owner of DONG-A Heating & Cooling Co. ABCO Vice President Refrigeration Sales Management Fina Vicari then gave the Congratulatory Speech and thanked KARA for their support while reinforcing ABCO’s commitment to their Association. Jamal Long, Customer Service Representative from Long Island City, was honored with the Award of Appreciation in recognition of his continuous support and contributions. Congratulations to our partners at KARA. We look forward to a successful 2017 and beyond.