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Come to the rescue for compromised air-cooled refrigeration condensers, water to air-cooled conversions or failing air-conditioning condensers.

Be a hero to your customers with a cost-effective solution for a failed rooftop condenser. ABCO’s out-of-the-box, profitable and timely solutions are designed to help you succeed.

We offer a wide inventory of Bohn and Russell Remote Condensers that can easily be piped to an existing R-22 Air Conditioning Rooftop or Split A/C Unit. We stock remote condensers from 1-Ton through 40-Ton for immediate availability and can easily select the perfect model to get any Refrigeration or Air Conditioning System with a failed condenser back on its feet.

Bohn condensers are designed for outdoor application, ease of installation and dependable operation. Fan motors and blades have been selected for optimum performance at minimum noise levels.Condenser coils are designed for optimum heat transfer. Extensive testing of the condenser insures long and trouble-free service life.

  • Direct drive air-cooled condensers – Available from1 through 26 ton models and are the industry standard for remote air-cooled applications. They’re designed for efficient performance, low maintenance and are great for many applications.
  • 11 to 264 Ton – These air-cooled condensers feature improved energy efficiency and low sound levels sought after by the supermarket and grocery industry.

Traditional condensers using 1140 RPM motors offer high capacities, but cannot meet the low sound and energy efficiency standards demanded today by this industry. High capacities for operation along with the low sound and energy efficiency requirements are brought together in these units for a great fit for many applications.

The Variable Speed EC motors come standard on the BNE Series units and continuously adjust speed to optimize system performance, providing significant energy savings and sound reduction.

Kramer’s remote air-cooled condensers are designed to provide the optimum in heat transfer efficiency and are constructed for years of reliable performance. The reliability of the system depends as much on the performance of the condenser as on any other system component. Only the highest grades of commercially available aluminum, copper and galvanized steel go into the manufacturing of each condenser. To ensure trouble-free installation and operation, every unit must pass the high standards of Kramer’s Quality Control Program at each stage of production.
Standard Refrigeration was founded in 1922 and offers a wide variety of water-cooled condensers, including benchmark products like theSST and HSE series of shell-and-tube condensers. Their products are engineered with the latest materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to meet the most stringent requirements.
We also handle water-cooled condensers from Packless Industries and FlatPlate.