High Profile Medium Profile Low Profile Low Velocity Reach-Ins

Choosing a component this important requires a critical look at your choices for a perfectly balanced system.

Selecting the right evaporator for your application is crucial to the successful operation of any system.

At ABCO, we have experienced professionals who are industry-trained to accurately select balanced refrigeration systems for all cold storage applications. Whether you’re replacing a small under counter reach-in, require a low velocity coil for aflower box application or working on a large cold storage facility, ABCO has the correct evaporator selection in stock for your project.


Bohn. We feel Bohn continues to raise the bar with an unmatched selection of systems and components designed for supermarket, grocery and other warehouse applications. Precisely engineered. One of the quietest. Multi-refrigerant friendly. ABCO recommends many models, including:

Bohn Lo-Aire Low velocity w/ optical white enamel

Bohn SM Spacemizer

  • Medium Profile (Coolers & Freezers) High or Medium Temperature BMA Air Defrost or BME Electric Defrost
    provide long life and dependability with features like the innovative Thermo-Flex™ coil design that carries a 5-year limited guarantee against refrigerant leaks, internal grooved tubing for greater heat transfer efficiency and motors that plug into the wiring harness for easier accessibility.
  • High Profile (Refrigerated Warehouses) Medium & Low Temperature BHA Air Defrostor BHE Electric Defrost
    Mill finished aluminum cabinet, Thermo-Flex™ coil design.
  • Reach-In (Refrigerated Cabinets) Medium & low temperature TA/TL Thin Profileor High & Medium temperature V-Profile
    A variety of models & styles feature textured aluminum cabinet, molded Lexan-fan guards, and more.
Russell is known for their wide array of cost-effective solutions. They offerthe most unit cooler models in North America. ABCO is big on their low profile coolers, which include:All-Temp2 B for small to medium walk-ins for cooler & freezer applications.Models include:
  • AA Low Profile with air defrost designed for use in coolers of 35 degrees and warmer – from 3,900 to 39,000 BTUH
  • AE Low Profile with electric defrost designed for use where electric heat is used to defrost – from 3,600 to 28,000 BTUH
  • AA and AE feature shaded pole motors which are 1/20 HP, permanently lubricated, ball bearing with thermal overload protection.

FL Flow-Temp series available with air or electric defrost:

  • 8 innovative models ranging from 6,700 to 37,000 BTUH@ 10 degrees TD
  • Rust-free heavy gauge textured aluminum standard housing
  • Ideal for meat cutting, holding & packaging rooms
  • Perfect for storage and florist boxes
Kramer was founded in 1914, so they’ve been perfecting refrigeration systems for nearly 100 years. It’s no wonder they’re a leading manufacturer of high end, large HP systems and famous for their hot gas defrost systems in commercial refrigeration. Kramer products boast energy saving technologies including its patented Thermobank hot gas defrost systems, providing large refrigeration systems that are recognized as some of the most energy efficient in the industry.We also stock Peerless and Astor evaporators.All evaporators, where applicable, are available with optional electronically commutated motors required on the newest evaporators to comply with new installation regulations.