REFRIGERANTS: Helping you manage the R-22 phaseout.

Businesses that rely on refrigeration face tough choices about the continuing rising cost of the EPA mandated R-22 phase-out. Making the wrong choice now could be even costlier later.

The R-22 phase-out will have significant impact on the refrigeration industry this year and beyond. ABCO is dedicated to delivering vital information about the regulations governing the phase-out to companies that rely on the performance and compatibility of refrigerants.

Count on us for support as you help your customers make the most profitable decisions during this transition time.

Help customers develop a business plan. This is the best way to manage current rising costs of R-22 phase-out and avoid even higher costs which are coming in the near future.

• The cost of R-22 has increased over 50% and is expected to continue rising until government regulations completely phase it out in December 2019.
• As R-22 availability decreases over the next 4 years, shortages will occur. Beginning January 2020 production and importation will cease.

Conversion is an investment that can pay off with long term advantages. The life of an HVACR system is extended because it uses new products that deliver efficient high performance. There are many options available. The best solutions depend not only on the current age, condition, and expected lifespan of the system, but also on the cash flow of the business as well.

Your customers will welcome your guidance to help protect the profitability of their businesses.

ABCO and Chemours are committed to helping you successfully navigate the R-22 phase-out.

ABCO carries the entire line of sustainable refrigerants from Chemours that provide excellent performance, meet EPA requirements, and deliver these advantages:
• Reduced energy consumption.
• Extend life of display cases, walk ins, and other existing refrigeration equipment.
• Are non-flammable and non-toxic (A1).
• Residential and commercial applications are OEM Approved.

ABCO and Chemours are committed to protecting the bottom line.