SHELVING: A strong recommendation for the strongest shelves in the industry.

Eagle Valu-Gard shelves are rated the strongest in the industry.Patented Quad-truss design—more perimeter and interior trusses plus more mat continuity support—makes Valu-Gard 25% stronger than other epoxy wire shelves. Shelf strength is increased by top surface mat wires being 10% larger than industry standards. Plus, the mat on an Eagle shelf rests on top of three supporting truss wires, adding significant strength and distributing the entire load without stress and strain on the welds.

Eagle patented Quad-truss® design uses four truss wires for up to 25% greater strength.

Want proof? You got it:

An independent inspection bureau and testing laboratory* conducted a test to measure the amount of deflection when weight is loaded onto a wire shelf. What they discovered is that Eagle beat out ISS and Metro in the three sizes they tested (18” x 48” through 24” x 60”), across 4 static weight loads (600 pounds through 1200 pounds).

  • Microgard® microbial protection comes standard
  • NSF-listed for wet and dry storage environments
  • 5-year limited warranty

*West Penn Laboratories, Turtle Creek, PA







5 year limited warranty. Patented Quad-truss design provides superior strength


There’s also strength in numbers.

We carry hundreds of Eagle Valu-Gard solutions in five finishes. They’re made of heavy-duty stainless steel and are available in a wide variety of widths and lengths- from 14” x 24” through 36” x 72”. We always have the most popular sizes in stock, including widths of 14”, 18” and 24” by lengths of 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 72”.

Posts come in heights of 7” all the way up to 86” and are numbered in 1” increments to ensure fast and level assembly. Our inventory makes it possible to create a solution that will maximize any shape or size configuration.

No one else stacks up like Eagle Valu-Gard epoxy wire shelving.

Tell us about your shelving needs for all your walk-in cooler, freezer and dry storage applications and we’ll work with you to bring you the best configuration of the strongest shelves in the industry. The benefits don’t stop there:

  • Open-wire construction promotes higher visibility, allows light to pass through the shelves, permits greater air circulation which helps reduce moisture and dust build-up, and increases the effectiveness of fire-suppression systems.
  • Tapered, high-temperature-resistant high-impact ABS plastic split sleeves create a positive lock that becomes stronger as the load increases.
  • Leveling feet are provided to help compensate for uneven floor surfaces. Each adjustable foot has a tapered shoulder for strength.
  • Eagle shelving and posts are offered in these finishes:

Stainless steel – heavy duty, EAGLEgard® green epoxy – now with MICROGARD®, Valu-Master®, gray epoxy/Valu-Gard®, Chrome plating, EAGLEbrite® and zinc.


Valu-Gard epoxy Phosphate
conversion coating MasterSeal
seal Green epoxy