Save Time and Money with Luxaire’s Latest Products

It’s easy to see the advantages that new, advanced equipment from Luxaire bring to our customers—but there are just as many advantages for HVAC contractors in rolling out the latest and greatest. In fact, not only is Luxaire’s new line of equipment easier to sell to customers—it also saves time and money for contractors through its maximized, uniquely efficient design and faster, more streamlined maintenance processes.

For more on how Luxaire’s new products are reshaping the HVAC industry for both consumers and contractors, read on.

Close Sales with Affordability and Efficiency

Luxaire’s new line of products feature greater efficiency, better value, and durable parts that will last longer—all of which adds up to more long-term value for your customers. Plus, each product is affordably priced and backed by Luxaire’s industry best warranties. In fact, Luxaire now offers one full year of labor coverage on all new products in its LX series.

What does that mean for you as a contractor? For starters, it means that Luxaire sales are easier to close—and close faster, saving you time in the long run. It also saves contractors on service and labor costs that otherwise would have come out of your own pocket.

Simpler, Faster, Easier Repairs

In the unlikely event that you need to make repairs, contractors will find themselves smiling when they discover a Luxaire unit on the job. That’s because Luxaire has rebuilt their newest equipment with simpler, faster servicing and maintenance in mind. Easier access to the coil is an advantage over the competition because you can get in faster and clean it quicker.

Not only are the new Luxaire products more durable with quicker access and easier handling, their simplified parts speed up inspections, installations, and more. Many models even include built-in hard start kits that provide more dependability to overcome brown outs and start even under the toughest conditions and weather. There are two great benefits to this: First, it helps you avoid those “nuisance” call backs which in turn reduces labor—after all, nobody makes money on a callback. Second, it allows you fulfill your annual or biannual service agreements with cleaner coils to retain efficiency better than the competition.

All of which means that as a contractor, you can get in and out of each maintenance call—and on to the next one—faster than ever before.

Time Is Money

Luxaire’s recent marketing campaign is built around the idea of “maximizing your time.” One component of their advertisements stresses the amount of time and labor Luxaire has put into their own products, including over 125,000 hours of research, testing, and design.

In other words, Luxaire has already invested their own time into research and design with the intention of saving time for users. Featuring fine-tuned components and new technological advancements, Luxaire’s new HVAC products save time for both contractors and consumers by eliminating headaches and reducing the need for costly upgrades and complex, time-consuming maintenance and servicing.

In the end, time indeed is money—and your HVAC business can make more of both with the latest Luxaire products.