Just in time for summer. Just sell and install qualified high-efficiency electric and gas HVAC equipment from ABCO to any eligible customer within the Con Edison service area. We have an extensive inventory of verified AHRI matched equip-ment and delivery capabilities to kick-start the season, and to keep your rebates rolling in all year long. This program will also Increase your visibility in the community as a participating contractor.

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Introducing ZoomLock braze-free fittings

New ZoomLock fittings are specially designed to work without brazing, which automatically makes your job simpler and faster when joining copper tubes. In addition, the one-piece fittings are reliably secure, leak-proof and more repeatable than brazed connections—so there’s no compromise on quality or performance. Professionals who have tried ZoomLock braze-free couplings report that their time and labor costs on tube connections are typically reduced 40 – 50% by eliminating the need for brazing. The biggest benefit of that improved efficiency is more productivity and increased profit potential.

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