Making intelligent comfort technology choices as comfortable as possible for you.


AER-new-logo-stacked-taglineWhen everything has to work flawlessly, our unmatched support will make comfort technology very comfortable for you.


No one offers the extensive free support that ABCO Expertise + Resources does for creating HVAC systems that will provide superior performance and longer lifecycles. Every project, whether it’s a renovation or new construction, is a unique challenge. You have many choices, but there’s no room for error.



Our resources are your resources. We invite you to tap into our resources, experience and knowledge. At every stage of a project we will address your needs responsibly. Your AER team is dedicated to getting the data, answers and information you need with immediacy and accuracy.

From conception to completion, AER is your dedicated HVAC resource for architects, developers and designers.

Intelligent comfort technology can dramatically increase energy efficiency with unprecedented control and longerlasting performance. With the right application and design, you can also reclaim vast amounts of space that was lost with older systems. Our most important product is your success. The team at AER is ready to help you make the best decisions possible, backed by the most complete product knowledge and inventory.


Smaller footprints, the highest efficiencies, unprecedented control.

No one can deliver precision comfort the way Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning can.


• Individual Zones. Create the specific comfort needed utilizing just the precise amount of refrigerant.

• Quiet Aesthetics. Units are so quiet that they can be placed just about anywhere, and can also be visually quiet to complement any indoor or outdoor environment.

• Two-Pipe System Simplicity. Easier to install and service. Routine maintenance consists of changing filters and cleaning coils.

• Exclusive Hyperheat Technology. Only The H2i™ series provides full heating capacity at 0°F outdoor ambient and can provide heat even at -13°F.

• Lower Lifecycle Cost. CITY MULTI operates with minimum energy usage and less required maintenance.

• Fresh Air Safety. The zoned structure reduces the spread of airborne contaminants and allergens.

• Inverter-Driven Technology. The R2-Series can simultaneously heat and cool, virtually eliminating duct loss.

• Hydronic Heat Exchanger. The PWFY Hydronic Heat Exchanger is available in two configurations, that can be uniquely incorporated into existing VRF systems to heat and cool water for added efficiency.


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